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Updates are the first line of defense! It doesn’t matter if it’s your website, your computer, your phone or your tablet – you should install updates an a regular basis to keep your data safe.

The server your domain resides on has to be updated regularly too!

Does your host keep their servers fully patched?

Do you remember that Equifax breech that exposed half of the populations personal data? That was hacked via a not updated library on the server. That boggles my mind because keeping a linux server up to date can be literally as simple as running ONE command!

You could run webmin on the server and simplify that down to a CLICK!

Yeah – I know it can be scary because sometimes things can break and at the very least something WILL change but all you have to do to make this easier is knowing that you have a backup ready right there to roll back into just in case!

You can make it totally stress free by just having me do it for you!

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